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SmartClaiMS Inspections

SmartClaiMS Inspections is a mobile application for claims inspection related to an object in the insurance policy. The application follows steps in a predefined process, according to which employees and partners of the insurance company conduct the inspection. The application is instrumental in data collection and storage – relevant information, picture and document files regarding: - condition and equipment, - list of damages, - image collection in a predefined order, according to company policies and requirements.

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Digital file with pictures and documents

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Structured list of damages in inspection assessment

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Electronic record of communication

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Anytime, anywhere inspection

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Controlled access to picture upload

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Share documents online, in real time or offline

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Prevent fraud via controlled date, time and location of inspection

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Increase customer satisfaction

Decrease work load– from administration and additional process steps

Insurance solutions

What are the
key features

Remote inspection of an insured object via a mobile application
  • Administration of access and definition of roles via a management portal
  • Image taking of the object and injuries
  • Inspection of the injuries
  • Structured list of damages, converted into an electronic protocol for inspection registration
  • Presenting of electronic protocol for inspection completion and receipt of customer verification of data
Data exchange via a predefined process
  • Submittion of taken images ( documents, pictures, videos) into a centralized data center
  • Registration of date, time and place of the conducted inspection
  • Option to work offline and synchronize new data with centralized data warehouse upon availability of connectivity
  • Option for access to the mobile application for various participants in the process - employees, partners and/or customers of the insurance company
Mobile Device Management
  • Mechanism for automated configuration of devices, remote monitoring and administration
  • Centralized content management
  • Device security and application guarantees, in accordance to company policies
  • Tracking of used devices and applications, which the users download on the devices
  • Remote locking and data deletion, upon demand
  • Integrated reports for device usage and specific applications

*There is an option for 24/7 operations support.


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