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SmartClaiMS Procurement

SmartClaiMS Procurement is an online based platform for spare parts procurement. The platform provides functionalities for a closed “call back” tender, where the buyer announces the purchase needs and the supplier bids with price offers, discounts, terms and delivery times. Important functionality of SMTS is that, in addition to buyers and suppliers, important role in the process is assigned to external observers. Usually this role is assigned to the insurance company or auto park owners, who will pay the repair job invoice and are interested in the prices of the materials. Launched in April 2013.

The implementation of a Trade Management platform provides a communication arena among all parties involved in claims servicing, and not only, including any vendor of materials – eg. Repair parts, paint, etc. The Vendor company receives direct access to the requests by the insurance companies and, in this way, it has the option to: Receive purchase orders directly from the insurance company, with detailed information about the model, damage ( including pictures), repair shop, etc. Submit proposals for any request with specific options for delivery, discounts, guarantee, certificates, etc.

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Protect the commercial interest of involved participants

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Trace history of electronic communication

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Overcome preliminary contract limitations

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Streamline and digitize communication with all involved parties

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Decrease work load– from purchase administration

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Achieve lowest market prices for procured materials

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Prevent fraud

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Use reports and analyses

Define regular and special discounts for repair shops and insurance companies, based on own policies, rules, contracts and preferences; Communicate directly online with experts from the insurance company and auto repair shop – for every separate request or material purchase order; Non-disclose proposal and order parameters from parties/competitors, other than the specific recipient Monitor and control the delivery process Integrate with own ERP, warehouse system, etc.

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What are the
key features

Monitoring and control of the prices, conditions and execution of the purchase orders from various vendors:
  • Transparency of the vendor selection and purchase order process
  • Access to uptodate market data for prices of materials and services
  • Full control over the process and expenses for repair purchase orders and related repair jobs
  • Task assignment to employees and external experts and monitoring of results
Transparent, efficient and structured organization of tenders for purchase orders:
  • Standartization of the tender preparation steps
  • Template criteria for offer sellection
  • Objective comparability of submitted proposals
  • Transparancy of tender announcement
  • Proposal confidentiality
  • Active participation of a supervisory role
  • Automated evaluation of proposals
  • Option for "express" auctions
  • Better opportunity for participation of smaller vendors
  • Option for follow up analysis and comparison of proposals
  • Traceability of the activities of the different participants
  • Secured access with electronic signature and time stamp
  • Multilanguage support and facilitated participation of international vendors
Direct access to authorization letters and request orders by insurance companies
  • Receipt of repair job requests directly from the insurance company, with detailed information for the make, model, damage ( photos attached), trusted repair shop, etc.
  • Submittion of proposals for every requested material with specific options for delivery, discounts, guarantee parameters, certificates, etc.
  • Eliminating the need for preliminary contracts
  • Definition of fixed and onetime discounts to repair shops and insurance companies, based on individual commercial policy, rules, contracts and preferences
  • Direct online communication with experts from the insurance company and the repair shop - for every individual repair request and purchase order
  • Traceability of proposals and orders, hidden from the "eyes" of the competition
  • Integration with ERP and warehouse availabilities, both at the repair shop and the vendor of spare parts
Reports and analyses
  • Predefined set of reports
  • Option for on demand personalized report templates
  • Workload utilization analyses
  • Workflow analyses and recommendations for optimization

*There is an option for 24/7 operations support.


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