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SmartClaiMS is an end-to-end platform for automation and digitalization of all steps in the workflow and document management process of claims administration in general insurance. The software is module bases and covers all activities in claims administration – inspection for new policy issuance, claim registration, electronic document exchange among all parties, customer authentication and automated approvals, claim registration, claim annotation and calculation, authorization letters, payment “fast track”, claim servicing monitoring and control, online selection of suppliers of auto parts and/or other materials, final calculation of compensation. In addition to text, picture and video document management, the platform has a functionality for electronic communication among all involved parties with dates, history and participants – insurance company, broker, expert, remote office, 3rd party, repair shop, supplier, etc.

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Cost reduction (decrease cost-to-income ratio from reduced backlogs, training times, CAPEX and OPEX and improved productivity)

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Enhanced customer experience (Improve service levels and customer satisfaction)

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Improvement of internal and external reporting. Unification of reporting

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Establishing of single source of truth (policies, retentions, claims, customer status, etc.)

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Increase sales & claim handling productivity

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Paperless policy and claim management

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Streamline communication with all involved parties

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Provide omnichannel experience

A universal interface facilitates the integration with legacy software, ERP and other data bases. The software product includes document management, process management, definition of roles and tasks, access rights, asset automatization, notifications and email communication, statistics and analysis of employee occupancy and task allocation. The platform works with various tools for claim calculation – the ones available at the customer premises or other updated versions of MultiCat, Audatex, DAT, Mitchell, etc. Completely compliant with legal norms such as BG Ordinance 24.

Insurance solutions

What are the
key features

Claim administration, automated workflow and document management
  • Claim inspection with professional tools (web and mobile apps)
  • Automated verification of previous policy claims, vehicle and client data
  • First notification of loss – via web portal or mobile device
  • Centralized claims data warehouse (collection, unification and storage) for future access
  • Universal interface for easy integration with other systems and solutions
  • Automated calculation of reserve forecast in the insurance ERP system
Fraud detection and prevention
  • System for fraud registration
  • Workflow redirection upon fraud detection
  • Fraud detection rules administration
  • Streamlined and centralized communication platform for all parties involved in the process
  • Integration with internal and external systems for fraud prevention
Claims calculation
  • Update and control of the parameters for claims calculation based on policy and vendor contracts specifics
  • Efficient automated tool for workload cost estimation
  • Express initial calculation for labor costs
  • Express initial calculation of reserve forecast
  • “Fast track” payment calculation
  • Integration with professional calculation tools
  • Template for service offer request and approval
  • Electronic invoice check and approval
  • Integration with core insurance IT system for registration of estimations
Monitoring and control of the workflow with trusted service providers
  • Digital and streamlined communication with trusted service providers
  • Supervision of the vendor selection and purchase order processes
  • Access to up-to-date market price data
  • Monitoring of the completed claims orders
  • Control of the purchase order and repair service process and costs
  • Task management for employees and 3rd party experts and results reports
Reports and analyses
  • Predefined set of reports
  • Option for on demand personalized report templates
  • Workload utilization analyses
  • Workflow analyses and recommendations for optimization

*There is an option for 24/7 operations support.


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