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The Challenge

How to further simplify processes, minimize service times, optimize costs and simultaneously enhance customer satisfaction? These are some of the always -relevant questions Revauxy is solving and improving on a daily basis.

Part of the Revauxy Global Hub is the Share Box Communication Platform, which is probably one of the solutions that most contributes to a happier customers with options for remote claim self-notification via an Internet portal or mobile app and to shorter service times due to upload of relevant data from any location eliminating the need to visit Insurance company/ broker offices. The Platform also addresses:

  • Incoherent, unrelated and non -digital systems and processes for customer service and data management
  • Lack of self-service functionalities
  • Physical expert presence for claim inspection
  • Slow and resource intensive process for property claims management
  • Lack of employee workload allocation
  • Lack of reporting


The Solution

Smart Claims Management Platform - automation and digitalization of all the steps of the management and document workflow of the insurance claims process. System for remote claims administration, electronic customer service and tools for self-care.



The Benefits

  • Centralized platform for customer care and self-care options for remote claims administration
  • Integration and two-way connectivity with various legacy systems
  • Functionality for online booking of claim inspection hours
  • Access to online tools for upload of documents, photos, invoices, etc. related to a claim and shared with the insurance company, broker, expert, repair shop, supplier, etc
  • Collection of reliable data and information to be used in reports and business analyses
  • Time efficiency due to easy integration with legacy systems
  • Fast and simple real time communication with customers
  • Paperless claim administration
  • Structured collection and storage of documents and data
  • Traceability and control over employee workload allocation, occupancy and efficiency
  • Access to reliable data for reports and business analyses


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