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Case Studies Intro


The Challenge

Revauxy company, together with its Auto 3P partners, was the first company in Bulgaria to offer claims calculation tools for automotive insurance. Adapted to local market needs and requirements, The Multicat tool is one of many examples, where Revauxy has developed one of a kind solutions to directly address and solve optimization tasks with immediate results. Another such example is the Procurement Platform, which directly intergrated with the Smart ClaiMS, provides an almost end-to-end for claims management:  from claim inspection, registration, damage calculation, material procurement and repair. The Procurement Module addresses:

  • Heterogenous and indirect communication with part supply vendors
  • Lack of control, management and traceability of purchase orders
  • Lack of centralized system for structured supervision and traceability the history of the purchase orders
  • Slow and cumbersome, very often manual process


The Solution

Smart Trade Management System – procurement platform with reversed auction



The Benefits

  • Real time access to an automated trade platform of all participants in a purchase order – buyers, vendors, external experts, supervisory bodies, etc.
  • Guaranteed access to the proposals from all suppliers
  • Regulated participation of a supervisory body ( could be the actual buyer) in the ordering process, with options for monitoring and control
  • Overcoming limitation of preliminary contracts with vendors
  • Interest guarantees for all involved parties
  • Lowest possible market prices ( tested at insurance customer premises)
  • Contemporary technological platform and business model
  • Purchase order non-disclosure – the profile of the full traceability, history and electronic file of each purchase
  • Fraud prevention – complete history of authorization and communication of part supply
  • Detailed reports and analyses
  • Drastic labour optimization – minimizing manual negotiation and verification of market prices
  • Contemporary technological platform and business model


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