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SmartClaiMS Share Box

Revauxy has been developing various tools to always improve customer satisfaction, shorten service times and automate and minimize steps in the claims administration process. The implementation of the Share Box Communication Platform provides insurance companies and their representatives (agents, brokers, remote offices) with FNOL (First Notification of Loss) - solution for early notification of damages, right after incident. Omnichannel communication with insurance company - call center, back office, web, mobile app, in person. Online reservation for damage inspection appointment; Self calculation tools for claims.

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Cost reduction (decrease cost-to-income ratio from reduced backlogs, training times, CAPEX and OPEX and improved productivity)

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Enhanced customer experience (Improve service levels and customer satisfaction)

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Improvement of internal and external reporting. Unification of reporting

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Establishing of single source of truth (policies, retentions, claims, customer status, etc.)

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Increase sales & claim handling productivity

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Paperless policy and claim management

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Streamline communication with all involved parties

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Provide omni-channel experience

Online tools for document sharing – policy, photos, invoices, letters, etc. related to a claim – and shared with respective participants. Integrate with own ERP, warehouse system, etc.

Insurance solutions

What are the
key features

Remote claims handling
  • Simplified general data entry for claims and/or claim applications
  • Claim request description and calculation
  • Option for claim request forwarding to second-level experts
  • Secure platform for data exchange
  • Instant document exchange
Fast and simple real-time communication with customers
  • Commonly used application form templates
  • Real time claim application status update
  • Streamlined process for request, exchange and archive of required documents and data related to the handling of a claim
  • Easy integration with external applications
  • Option for accepting or rejecting the claim application
  • Electronic import of documents, photos and calculations
Instant event notification and FNOL
  • Customer internet portal for clients and affected participants in an accident
  • Expert internet portal for brokers, services, sunject matter experts, auto parks, appraisors, agencies
  • Mobile app for access to the portals
  • Electronic request for confirmation and payment agreement type "Fast track"
  • Remote electronic payment confirmation
  • Discussion of amounts
  • Import of external description and calculation and option for follow up activities
Reports and analyses
  • Predefined set of reports
  • Option for on demand personalized report templates
  • Workload utilization analyses
  • Workflow analyses and recommendations for optimization

*There is an option for 24/7 operations support.


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