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As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, virtual meetings are becoming an increasingly important part of the way we work. They are an easy, cost-effective and safe way to connect our offices, engage employees and work with customers and suppliers.
Although virtual meetings have been part of our daily work routine for some time, we can still easily get into big trouble. Virtual meeting etiquette is a wholenew game compared to face-to-face meetings, so we learn on the go!

To keep our meetings productive and professional, let's follow some simple rules and etiquette tips for virtual meetings:

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If you are the meeting organizer, test the meeting settings in advance

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Ensure a reliable Internet connection

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  • Be on time for the meeting - it is better to be early than late;
  • If some of the participants are online a little earlier, this is an ideal time to exchange kind greetings and inquire about how they feel, how they are doing and other collegial issues that show interest and care.
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  • Close all unnecessary windows on the screen
  • If you need to share your screen, if possible, share only one window, not the entire desktop. You can temporarily hide all icons and folders from the desktop and stop notifications.
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  • Notify meeting participants when sharing a screen
  • Always ask others if they see what you're sharing. Remember to stop sharing once you're done with the demo.
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  • Introduce the participants
  • If clients or partners are involved in the meeting, always start the meeting by introducing the participants as briefly as possible so that everyone knows what to ask.
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  • Don't use the keyboard during a meeting
  • Whether you're taking notes or chatting, the sound of your writing distracts everyone else in the meeting (because the laptop's internal microphone is inches from the keyboard) and also prevents you from separating all your attention at the meeting. Take a notebook and pen to keep notes of the meeting. The other option is to record meetings if technically possible.
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Mute your microphone when you are not talking

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  • Make sure you are decent dressed
  • Position yourself so that you are exposed to enough light. And make sure:
    • No beds in the background (fixed or unmade)
    • There are no cluttered rooms where everyone can see your "dirty shirts"
    • There are no "works of art" with inappropriate content
    • Children and pets are adorable, but colleagues and clients will not be happy if they talk against a noisy child or a barking dog. So, keep in mind the ambient noise
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When you enter a meeting, introduce yourself and say hello - just be careful not to interrupt someone in the middle of the sentence

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  • Do not allow yourself to engage in other activities during a meeting.
  • Stay seated and be in the meeting - it can be tempting to check your inbox or have a side conversation during a boring meeting, but don't! You may miss key information or the opportunity to provide information. If you use your webcam, use careful body language: sit up straight, do not make large side movements and do not allow your eyes to wander too much. Do not look at your phone, do not reply to emails, do not exchange messages with friends, do not make a shopping list and do not shop online. The other party will appreciate not only your professional behavior, but also your good upbringing.
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Do not eat during an online meeting

*Kaizen is a Japanese word that literally means change for the better. This is a technique for continuous improvement and refinement.