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REVAUXY helps BULGARIA INSURANCE design and deploy a fast and simplified claim management system, ready for remote services and direct communication to its customers.

Bulgaria Insurance has been operating on the Bulgarian market since 2004 and is one of the leaders in offering health insurance solutions in Bulgaria with nearly 22% market share. The Company has the expertise and experience to help individuals and businesses build a tailored health benefits package to match their needs.

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Tsvetelina Mihaylova

has over 20 years experience in the insurance business. Her professional career began in Bulstrad VIG, HDI Insurance and Tokuda Health Insurance.

Please present your company.

More than 15 years Bulgaria Insurance has been a reliable insurance partner of Bulgarian businesses and is one of the leaders in offering health insurance with nearly 22% market share. The Company has the expertise and experience to help individuals and businesses build a tailored health benefits package to match their needs.

Bulgaria Insurance is one of the most dynamically developing companies on the Bulgarian insurance market and consolidates its position by offering innovative insurance solutions, high quality services and special attention to its customers, as well as employee assistance programs provided with the assistance of ICAS International - a leading global EAP provider.

In accordance with the dynamic environment of the insurance market, Bulgaria Insurance exploits and applies innovative technologies in delivering its customers seamless onboarding and self-service, end-to-end digital channels and next-generation products and solutions.

The company provides international health products to Bulgarian consumers and access to high quality medical care in a wide range of healthcare providers around the world in partnership with AXA Global Healthcare, part of the AXA Group, a leading global insurance brand.

What was the biggest challenge of this year?

In insurance, the challenges are daily routine... For us, the problems with the global pandemic situation in the country coincided with the launch of many new projects, such as modernizing our legacy systems, adding a new core platform, launching new products, new automation, and paperless processes.

Please, give more details about the project.

One of the most interesting and challenging projects for the Company is the launch of sales car insurance policies, in particular CASCO policy. When we created the CASCO Gold product, our goal was to deliver our future customers the same innovative approach and solutions as our products in health insurance. The research and analysis we did showed that the products of current car insurers are extremely similar and there is room for a new player in the market.

What were your goals for this project?

One of the main goals in the launch of a new service is to deliver the best possible after-sales customer experience and easy-to-use product. In this sense, overall completion of the whole process of claim management, online connection with repair shops and other partners, seamless onboarding and self-service with mobile application for end customers was of particular importance.

Were there any challenges in the start and implementation of the project?

Here is the place to thank and praise the REVAUXY team. We have not encountered any challenges while implementing the project. There were clearly set requirements and they were all met on time.

What tools did you choose?

Bulgaria Insurance will operate with the SmartClaiMS platform. It is an end-to-end solution via digital channels, automated claims processing, with seamless onboarding and self-service for customers. There are a lot of tools for effective and digital claim management - SmartClaiMS Garage, Smart Inceptions, SmartClaiMS Inspections, SmartClaiMS Anti-fraud, SmartClaiMS Share Box, SmartClaiMS Procurement, SmartClaiMS Online Portal and Car Price Guide.

How did you select your vendor, and did you test new technology?

Bulgaria insurance suppliers are selected after tender procedures and careful expert analysis of the offered services and conditions. Given the perfect reputation and long-term expertise of the REVAUXY team in claim management solutions delivery and many successfully implemented projects, it was quite logical to turn to them and ask for an offer. The innovative REVAUXY solutions fully meet our requirements.

What distinguishes REVAUXY from other Company's suppliers?

My personal opinion is that the experts at REVAUXY are extremely well prepared for insurance business processes, and as I often say, we just speak the same language... and we understand each other with half a word.

What do you find most impressive about this company REVAUXY?
Would you recommend it?

The most impressive things are innovation value and multi-aspect digital solutions. REVAUXY solutions exceed growth and digitalization of the insurance sector, which as we all know in many aspects continues to be too conservative.

How do you assess the REVAUXY team, personally responsible for the implementation of your project?

Remarkably high, they work in a short time period, all agreements are observed, extremely professional attitude...

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

I think that there was a good synergy between the two teams. We tried to provide all information for the normal course of the work process and they in turn provided us with the high quality of service we expected.

Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

In my opinion, the best result of such cooperation is future joint projects. This clearly shows that we are completely satisfied with the project and intend to continue working together to find and apply cutting-edge technology solutions.

What is the key to being successful overall?

It is extremely difficult to define exactly what it means to be successful, because everyone understands success differently. For me, the key words are: clear goals, cultivate and use potential and of course tones of work...

What prospects are open, or will you open this year and next?

All prospects are related to fast and quality customer service. We are open to anything that will improve and facilitate our customers and the work process.

What changes are you planning and is there anything to improve?

For our Company, the step towards auto insurance is excessively big. To a large extent, our strategic plans are in this direction, but I would like to emphasize that we have absolutely no intention to stop growing health insurance and all other lines of business... There is always something to improve, so we continue to invest in expert staff first and secondly in the right digital solutions.